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50k from London Mayor 'paltry' reparations for grieving Hay THE family of murdered private investigator Daniel Morgan has sneakers jimmy choo called a 50k award from the London Mayor's office a "paltry" gesture given the suffering and expense it has gone through.

The Morgan family has campaigned ceaselessly for justice since Daniel from just outside Hay on Wye was found with an axe in his head in a London pub carpark jimmy choo pink in 1987. And the grant, announced last week by Boris Johnson's office, was intended to recognise the contribution made by the family in bringing matters of police corruption to light. "It highlighted past police failings and the need for police accountability to an extent would not have happened had they not undertake their jimmy shoes sale tireless jimmy choo flip flops price campaign." However with a stalling inquiry into the murder, Daniel's brother Alastair who has led the campaign believes more could, and should, have been done. He said: "It's a paltry contribution to the suffering we've gone through. "You can tell the truth for 20 years and it's nothing. "We got an apology and this payment is some recognition but for 27 years I have been trapped in this awful situation. "We were hoping for more generosity. "I have always considered that this is very much in the public interest I wanted to do it because I want the public to know." Alastair, a successful interpreter in London, went part time so he could campaign against corruption in the Metropolitan Police corruption that he said included the cover up of his brother's killers.

He estimates that over 27 years the campaign has left him around 250,000 out of pocket, and still no one has been arrested for the murder. However there had been recent signs of a breakthrough. Last year the Home Office set up an inquiry into Mr Morgan's murder after evidence in the Stephen Lawrence case brought to prominence the actions of certain Met officers in the 1980's.

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