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30 new stores open at San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore LIVERMORE, Calif.

(KGO) Two sure signs of a more robust economy are the expansion of a Bay Area outlet mall and the crowds that turning out to check jimmy choo stilettos price out 30 new stores. This was happening in the East Bay Thursday, where customers discovered they could shop in Livermore and San Francisco at the same time, sort of. If you drive from San Francisco to Livermore, it is 44 miles. The outlet malls in the far East jimmy choo shoes boots Bay were called the Paragon Outlet Mall, but now it will be called the San Francisco Premium Outlets. The name change is an effort to try to get more people to shop there. They want to draw shoppers, not just from the Bay Area, but also from overseas, but Livermore might be an unknown name to them. The outlets have been hailed as one of Livermore's biggest money makers. Livermore police put out an advisory to expect major traffic congestion as the outlet mall opened 30 new shops, but shoppers was pleasantly surprised not to find parking a problem at where can you buy jimmy choo shoes all. Oakland resident Tracy Rosalio got here early just to avoid what she experienced three years ago when the mall opened. It was a traffic nightmare she can't forget. She told ABC7 News, "I went here when it was opening, and the traffic was all the way to Dublin. Oh, my goodness. It took me three hours to get here." When it opened in Nov. 2012, thousands of people sat in traffic as shoppers vied for 2,400 parking spaces. Now, 950 additional spaces were added for this new expansion. On Thursday, the long wait was outside the new Tory Burch outlet. Customers said the wait was worth it. "Some of the purses that they have in there are actually from in store, maybe a previous seasons, and so you can actually. I've seen them online and what they're in store could be as much as $100 off, so it just varies, but I think it's worth it," Mountain House resident Brittany Glaude said. The store even kept shoppers hydrated. "They came out and brought us water, and we're lucky because we're sitting down. We're good," Danville resident Linda Ficenec said. Others elected to stay outside while wives and daughters were inside, searching for deals. "Grandpa has to pay everything," Oakland Resident Nick Kyriakopedi said. And when asked if his granddaughters had his credit card, he tapped his front pocket and replied, "It's right here, ready to go." The 30 new stores brings the total to 160 outlets today. Twenty more stores will be added in the months to come. Dave Ackerman, marketing director of the outlet mall, says given the number of international shoppers, the name change "really does help people understand where we are jimmy choo flower heels located and how close we are to San Francisco.

" He also joked, "I think are going to have to stay here a little longer just to get around the loop. The stores have also been a big boost to the city's economy. Among the new shops are designer names like Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, and a kid favorite, the Disney Store.

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