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50 NEW YORKERS TO WATCH IN 1999 World Politics Entertainment Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords Entertainment Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Opinion Autos Buyer's Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT EXPLOSION roger moore MELANIA TRUMP OPIOID NATION DONALD TRUMP NEW YORK DAILY NEWS As New York City slouches toward the millennium, it's time to take stock of who's hot and who's not in 1999.

As in any other year, there are bound to be surprises, people who come out of nowhere. Who, for instance, might have predicted last New Year's that a lowly White House intern would shake the Republic to its roots in 1998? Not us. But we did foresee the rise of Yankee standout Ricky Ledee and the fall of reputed Gambino crime boss John A. (Junior) Gotti. We told you to keep an eye on Geraldine Ferraro, who days later announced her candidacy for Senate, and on Lara Shriftman, a then little known publicist who ended up on the cover of New York magazine last month. This year, as always, some are budding stars on the cusp jimmy choo mens boots of fame. Others are well established politicians or celebrities who like it or not are coming back for more. Rudy Giuliani, mayor Keeping an eye on Rudy is always a full time job, but following the bouncing mayor will be even more challenging than usual in 1999. Barred by term limits from a third mayoral campaign, Giuliani is clearly running. But for what? Last month, he shifted his fund raising strategy to steer more money toward a federal Friends of Giuliani committee that could be tapped for a Senate or presidential campaign. 2. Richie Adubato, New York Liberty coach Yes, he's a man. But with nearly 20 years of NBA coaching experience including four seasons as an assistant Knicks coach under Hubie Brown no one seems to be protesting Adubato's recent appointment as head coach of the Liberty, New York's contribution to the WNBA especially now that the NBA is a no show. Says Adubato, the fifth male coach in the league: "When you've been coaching as long as I have... all you want is players that give 110%. It doesn't matter jimmy choo silver flats if they are boys or girls, men or women.3. Alice Rodd O'Rourke, director New York New Media Association Her father, Andrew O'Rourke, is a former Westchester County executive who once ran for governor against Mario Cuomo. But his daughter is making strides of her own as the new head of the New York New Media Association. Since taking the helm in February, membership has jumped from 2,100 to jimmy johns shoes 3,200, a number she expects to rise to 6,000 in 1999. In short, no one is doing more to establish and keep vibrant New York's burgeoning new media industry. 4. Brian Cohen, executive director, New York City's Year 2000 Project As head of the mayor's 30 person Project 2000 office, it is the 32 year old Cohen's job to make sure that the city's 709 critical computer systems are not tripped up by the so called Y2K bug, which will strike computers everywhere at midnight Dec. 31, 1999. If Cohen fails, chaos will reign: subways won't run, traffic lights won't work, benefits won't get paid. But Cohen predicts a smooth transition. 5. But his cover was blown last month, when it was announced that Conlon, 35, had signed a $1 million book deal to write a memoir of his work as a city cop. 6. Stacy Johnson, designer She's a former teen model who worked for such fashion powerhouses as Calvin Klein, The Limited and Cynthia Rowley. But now this Parsons School of Design grad has gone out on her own with a cozy new boutique, stacia new york, on increasingly hip Smith St. in Brooklyn. Her dresses, skirts, sweaters and knit tops which she describes as "sexy, yet feminine" are rich in color, from deep blues to soft shades of periwinkle and pink. 7. Now Graham, 36, is turning his sights on the black upper class with a new book, "Our Kind of People," due later this year from HarperCollins. He also is known to be mulling a political career. com, one of the first online sites devoted exclusively to women. With a staff of jimmy choo python shoes more than 200 spread across two buildings in Manhattan's Silicon Alley, iVillage boasts an astonishing 77 million page views per month, offering information on everything from child rearing to shopping to careers. 9.

Jerry Seinfeld, comic Now that his TV show is over and his standup days are on hold, what's the world's richest comic to do? Professionally, his pursuits seem limited at the moment to filming commercials, but he has publicly mused about starting his own ad agency. As his TV mom would have asked, "Jerry, when are you gonna get a real job?10. Peter Kohlmann, executive producer, Times Square 2000.

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